[tor-mirrors] Privacy respecting logging (was: Usefullness of providing TOR mirrors?)

Traumschule traumschuleriebau at riseup.net
Tue Oct 23 21:21:00 UTC 2018


On Thu, 18 Oct 2018 09:57:42 +0700
karibu at freedif.org wrote:

> Great discussion,
> I am hosting a mirror for Vietnam (But not big traffic, I had quite a 
> lot when I was helping Tails)
> On the privacy, i realized that my stats 
> https://mirror.freedif.org/Stats/TorProject.html included the IPs as 
> well of who downloaded Tor.....It was not my intention, but I treated 
> Tor mirroring like any other mirroring project...
> I had to do some work around to remove those IPs, and may be some
> others people have the same challenge.
> It would be great to clarify the position of Tor and guidelines for 
> mirroring for example.

I agree we should add something, thanks for pointint this out.

For apache you can use the libapache2-mod-removeip. For nginx
AFAIK there's no such module. Found this example to modify log_format
https://www.hagen-bauer.de/2015/12/nginx-logfiles-anon.html in german.
If you know about better instructions in english, let us know!


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