[tor-mirrors] Mirror of bridges.torproject.org

Vasilis andz at torproject.org
Wed Nov 7 22:19:00 UTC 2018


The network that I'm using is blocking access to bridges.torproject.org thus I
cannot access the bridges website.

Looking for another mirror didn't yield any result and using search engines
caches didn't work either (got weird HTTP errors). I know that you can send an
email and receive an email response back with a list of bridges but you need to
send and email and from a specific email address.

I suppose many people (as I would) will find a bridges website very useful and I
was thinking to run a mirror of bridges.torproject.org .
Given that this is acceptable what are the requirements for creating and
managing a bridges.torproject.org mirror?
Are there any instructions for setting up such a mirror?

I did a search on the tor-mirrors list archive but couldn't find any relevant
information and the documentation of 'Running a mirror' [1] (seems) to only
provide information on how to setup a mirror of the torproject.org website.


[1] https://www.torproject.org/docs/running-a-mirror.html.en

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