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Funkfreunde Landshut e.V. | Mirror Service mirror at funkfreundelandshut.de
Tue May 16 19:37:22 UTC 2017

Hi Carolin,
thanks a lot.
In between we changed our page URL to http://mirror.funkfreundelandshut.de as we switched a load balancer in front of it.
When you have time could you please change the URL?

Another question: Would you consider adding the URL for AMPRNet as well or mention it somewhere?

Thank you,

Am 16.05.17, 19:09 schrieb "tor-mirrors im Auftrag von Carolin Zöbelein" <tor-mirrors-bounces at lists.torproject.org im Auftrag von contact at carolin-zoebelein.de>:

    we updated our mirror site.
    Thank you for running a mirror!
    Best regards,
    > Dear folks,
    > we have recently joined the mirror service as we would love to
    > support torproject.
    > What we did is launching a mirror service for different things we are
    > think are worth to be supported. Additionally we are the first
    > service worldwide to launch such a project to Hamnet / AMPRNet (https
    > ://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMPRNet) and make such great work available
    > „next to“ the internet.
    > BR from Germany,
    > Christoph.
    Carolin Zöbelein / Nick: Samdney
    PGP: D4A7 35E8 D47F 801F 2CF6 2BA7 927A FD3C DE47 E13B
    Community Team
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