[tor-dev] Gosling onion-to-onion specifications

Richard Pospesel richard at blueprintforfreespeech.net
Sat Dec 4 14:51:39 UTC 2021

Hi tor-dev,

As part of my work with Blueprint for Free Speech, I recently gave a 
short presentation during the 2021 state-of-the-onion where we announced 
Gosling ( see https://youtu.be/mNhIjtXuVzk?t=8155 ).

If you missed the talk, the tldr; is that we're developing a 
specification and reference implementation library for building (onion 
service based) anonymous+private+secure peer-to-peer applications.

Essentially, we're taking what we've learned about onion-to-onion 
authentication from Ricochet-Refresh, extracting and improving the 
relevant pieces, and packaging it all in a library that developers can 
use to build their own anonymous+private+secure peer-to-peer 
applications. Our hope is that future developers will not need to be tor 
experts to build these types of applications.

Today ,I'm happy to announce that we just made the the gosling repo on 
Github public!

- https://github.com/blueprint-freespeech/gosling

Things are little bare-bones at the moment, but the most relevant piece 
right now is the protocol specification here:

- https://github.com/blueprint-freespeech/gosling/blob/main/docs/protocol.md

You'll also find some initial prototyping work under the source 
directory (the pace of development should pick up come 2022).

Please go take a look and feel free to respond here with any questions, 
concerns, criticisms, etc. Thanks!


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