[tor-dev] How do Ed25519 relay IDs look like?

nusenu nusenu-lists at riseup.net
Tue Aug 4 22:40:37 UTC 2020

> I'll wait until you (Tor developers) decided on the final naming and format

Is there any interest to move this topic forward to come to some decision 
in the near future? (before the end of the month) 

Here is a short summary of what opinions I observed for this topic (naming and format
for Ed25519 identities) so far:

Naming proposals for relay Ed25519 identities:

'v2 fingerprints' (Damian)

"ed25519 identity" or even just "identity" (nickm)

Output format the Ed25519 relay IDs:

base64 - 43 characters long (nickm)
  this is problematic due to the "/" sign (Damian)
hex - 64 characters long (Damian)
  "/" is problematic for DirPort urls, GETINFO commands, etc (Damian)
    isn't there urlencoding for URLs? (nusenu)
base64urlsafe - 43 characters long (nusenu)

I hope we can agree to use the same format in all places.

How does the decision process looks like in general in the Tor Project?


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