[tor-dev] introduce some customization on the tbb

Richard Pospesel richard at torproject.org
Thu Nov 21 20:37:58 UTC 2019

I think a 'restart tor daemon' (with user-friendly language) in
about:preferences#tor under 'Advanced' could be a potentially useful

On 11/15/19 11:13 AM, Drew at FoundingDocuments.org wrote:
> I bring this up in this thread because of its timeliness. Please excuse
> me if you are offended, no offense intended. This is email is
> fundamentally a feature request. 
> Sarpedon, I had not yet gotten as far as you towards GUI customization
> of torrc options. And I’ve not yet thought through the whole flow so as
> to be able to write a decent trac ticket. 
> I would love to see one line added to the Tor Browser Button: SIGHUP
> Tor. Obviously the verbiage would have to be user friendly. 
> The main reason for this is due to having changed the torrc (files) and
> wanting to reload tor.real but not wanting to quit Tor Browser then
> re-open it. 
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