[tor-dev] OnionShare bug that's possibly caused by an upstream v3 onion bug

David Goulet dgoulet at torproject.org
Mon Nov 26 15:55:04 UTC 2018

On 24 Nov (21:30:16), Micah Lee wrote:


Greetings Micah!

> But with v3 onion services, as soon as the OnionShare web server finishes
> sending the full HTTP response, the torified HTTP client stops downloading.
> I made a small python script, onion-bug.py, that reproduces the issue that
> you can test [2].

This is definitely on "tor" side. Here is what is going on:

When a DEL_ONION command is received, the v3 subsystem will close _all_
related circuits including the rendezvous circuit (where the data is being

This is something the v2 subsystem does *not* do so there is your difference
between the two versions. Not closing the rendezvous circuit has the side
effect that the connected client can still talk to the .onion as long as the
application is still running behind. In the case of OnionShare, I don't think
it matters since the Web server is simply gone by then.

That being said, I see that your Python script waits until everything has been
given to "tor" before sending a DEL_ONION (correct me if I'm wrong). So then
the question is how can the circuit dies _before_ everything was sent to the
client if tor has recevied everything?

This is due to how tor handles cells. A DESTROY cell (which closes the circuit
down the path) can be sent even if cells still exist on the circuit queue. In
other words, once a DESTROY cell is issued, it will be high priority and thus
can leave behind some data cells. There are reasons for that so this isn't a
"weird behavior" but by design.

The solution here is to make v3 act like v2 does, that is close everything
except the existing established RP circuit(s) so any transfer can be finalized
and let the application on the other side close connections or simply stop

I've opened this and marked it for backport:

Big thanks to everyone on that OnionShare ticket for the thorough report!

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