[tor-dev] Abort in test_bridges.c

Gisle Vanem gisle.vanem at gmail.com
Wed May 23 17:30:17 UTC 2018

Running 'test.exe bridges/clear_bridge_list' causes this assertion:

   bridges/clear_bridge_list: May 23 17:12:53.714 [err] tor_assertion_failed_():
   Bug: container.h:70: smartlist_get: Assertion sl->num_used > idx failed;

AFAICS, since 'sweep_bridge_list()' caused all entries in
'bridgelist' to get deleted, an index of zero is illegal.
Don't ask me why.

And since 'smartlist_get(bridgelist,0)' should be compiled with
'-DDEBUG_SMARTLIST' in all tests/*.c sources. No?

I'm on Win-10, tor.exe + libs was built with MSVC 2017.


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