[tor-dev] onion v2 deprecation plan?

Alec Muffett alec.muffett at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 12:01:37 UTC 2018

It's not just about getting the protocol stack right, but also the
ancillary software environment; people keep asking me for "V3 support in
EOTK" and my stock response is this:

==== BEGIN ====
OnionBalance requires STEM support for V3, before it can be updated
(possibly a substantial rewrite will be needed) to support the new format
onions. It's not only a matter of "longer addresses" but also a matter of
cross-signing the descriptors to support new-style cryptography, so in fact
it might be safest to create a new, separate OnionBalance for V3.

So: STEM needs updating and testing for V3, and then OnionBalance needs to
support the new STEM library and encryption. Then (for me) EOTK needs to
support the new OnionBalance.

I am not expecting a solution to ship until 2019, earliest.
==== END ====

...and that's even without refactoring the other bits of EOTK to address
the changes when STEMv3 lands.

OTOH, I have been performance testing simultaneous regular-expression
matching of v2/3 addresses, and so far this is the winner:


...and it's already in the codebase at

    - alec :-)

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