[tor-dev] Notes from 12 April 2018 Simple Bandwidth Scanner Meeting

Matt Traudt pastly at torproject.org
Fri Apr 13 00:38:14 UTC 2018

See below for the pad notes. Next meeting is scheduled 19 April 2018 at
2200 UTC in #tor-meeting. (This one was held in #tor-dev, but we should
use meetbot).


Simple Bandwidth Scanner meeting 12 April 2018

#### Updates/Status messages ####

    What's on my plate? <- doesn't have to be all in your plate :P
    - Test coverage getting closer to 100%
    - Immediate future: switch to standard python logging module, which
is quite good
    - Improving documentation
    - Checking results against torflow
    - Monitor CPU of sbws client/server
    - +1 on considering asyncio
    - See how chutney generates random strings
    - Run testnet authority
    - Reach out to current auths about running sbws/torflow and adding
me as an auth

    - open/close PRs/issues about things to improve in doc, refactor
code, etc..., but not changing functionality
    - re. doc:
        - thought to update sbws spec (or create other) to doc
differences with Torflow, not sure it's useful
        - i'd document further some of the classes/functions (as
        - code doc vs spec (see below)
    - find box to run other sbws, bwauth also in testnet?

## Topic: what is still missing for milestone 1? (aka 1st release, v1.0.0)
- could we create all tickets needed to achive it?
- maybe previous list is enough?
- A consensus parameter stating the scaling factor
- sbws config option to set fallback if no consensus param
- `sbws generate` code to use the consensus param


- Correlation coefficient on comparision graphs

## Topic: comparing to torflow
- Can we make the test sbws deployment a little bigger?
- What else needs to be compared?

teor: actually running it in a voting network, to check the feedback
loop (if any) the scaling

- Conclusions after comparing?
- what we could think to change/improve after comparing?

Graphs pastly can explain:
    - sbws vs moria, sorted by sbws:
    - sorted by moria: https://share.riseup.net/#URXp6NccZHEhOPFJQcfO4w

teor: the correlation seems good here
If we're going to use these charts to compare, please compare two
existing bwauths
See: https://share.riseup.net/#lPGcIrgHp3ftnvTHUKqOKg (but ignore the
sbws-scaled line, it's wrong wrong wrong)

## Topic: convincing people to run sbws
juga: maybe something to do when 1st sbws release?
pastly: yes, probalby. unless we need to convince testnet people <- ah,
right i was thinking on the Tor net

## Topic: status of open sourcing sbws
- No real update. Time is still passing.

## Topic: specifications

https://ohmygodel.com/publications/peerflow-popets2017.pdf has a section
that also makes a nice summary
(ask Pastly for access)
bwscanner: no spec, but reading
it looks like a Torflow clone <- almost :)

We need a spec for the v3bw file that tor reads (in torspec/dir-spec.txt)
We need a spec for bwauth migration, including acceptance criteria for
new bwauth implementations
Scanners should have their own detailed design documents

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