[tor-dev] No. [was: Some Tor Devs could get higher pay as PR than as programmers]

isis agora lovecruft isis at torproject.org
Thu Aug 24 21:30:27 UTC 2017

Ryan Carboni transcribed 3.9K bytes:
> Whenever I read something, with an open mind, but say, in a sandboxed
> environment (don't run your memes on root), I get impressed by arguments
> which convince me of things which are not true.
> Take for instance the following article:
> https://blog.torproject.org/blog/tor-security-advisory-relay-early-traffic-confirmation-attack
> It is a self-contradictory argument, we detected these bad relays when they
> arrived, allowed them for 6 months.
> Now, what was the available prophylactic measures at the time? Alleged
> family greylisting wasn't available at the time, but certainly an attempt
> could be made to contact (presumably) a few owners of the tor relays.
> Although it turned out to be only one owner. I mean, people depend their
> lives on Tor.
> Can all discretionary decisions of this type be made public?
> Now there's also the Tor's unlike racists we value free speech. I cannot
> explain it, but if one replaced racists with Islamists, somehow the
> argument is weaker. I can't fully explain it, even though I've heard more
> about beheadings and defenestrations as opposed to... whatever racists do
> nowadays (shitpost?). It truly is a clever argument that strengthens and
> preserves Tor's brand identity among target demographic groups.


Islamophobia will not be tolerated on this list.  Full.  Stop.

This is a list for Tor development.  I don't see any code in your rambling,
asinine, bigoted, word-salad post, nor do I see any discussion of current bugs,
potential features, community outreach, contributor resources, or anything
else which could reasonably be construed as development.

As for "whatever racists do nowadays": white supremacists in the United
States recently murdered an anti-racist protester named Heather Heyer.  Your
comments are not only extremely off-topic, but given the current political
context, extremely Bad Takes.

Please keep your future posts to this list on-topic and productive.

> How did Freud invent psychoanalysis? What are you doing during the idle
> cycles of your brain? One does not need a fancy degree to be an amateur at
> anything, or do you folks not call yourselves hackers?

I'd say "Best" but you could only be better,
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