[tor-dev] Some Tor Devs could get higher pay as PR than as programmers

Ryan Carboni ryacko at gmail.com
Thu Aug 24 20:18:43 UTC 2017

Whenever I read something, with an open mind, but say, in a sandboxed
environment (don't run your memes on root), I get impressed by arguments
which convince me of things which are not true.

Take for instance the following article:
It is a self-contradictory argument, we detected these bad relays when they
arrived, allowed them for 6 months.

Now, what was the available prophylactic measures at the time? Alleged
family greylisting wasn't available at the time, but certainly an attempt
could be made to contact (presumably) a few owners of the tor relays.
Although it turned out to be only one owner. I mean, people depend their
lives on Tor.

Can all discretionary decisions of this type be made public?

Now there's also the Tor's unlike racists we value free speech. I cannot
explain it, but if one replaced racists with Islamists, somehow the
argument is weaker. I can't fully explain it, even though I've heard more
about beheadings and defenestrations as opposed to... whatever racists do
nowadays (shitpost?). It truly is a clever argument that strengthens and
preserves Tor's brand identity among target demographic groups.

How did Freud invent psychoanalysis? What are you doing during the idle
cycles of your brain? One does not need a fancy degree to be an amateur at
anything, or do you folks not call yourselves hackers?
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