[tor-dev] Joining Tor Project's software infrastructure

Jesse V kernelcorn at torproject.org
Tue Sep 27 00:15:01 UTC 2016

Hey everyone,

Although it hasn't been obvious, I actually have been making some
serious progress on my Onion Name System (OnioNS) project. The paper was
accepted into PoPETS, the design is finally stable, and the software is
looking really promising, although not yet ready for use. I've focused
on improving the maturity of the software and set up the following:

* PGP-signed commits using my torproject identity
* Continuous integration via Travis CI
* Use clang-analyzer and cppcheck static analysis scanners
* Automated enforcement of code styling via clang-format
* Inclusion of a manpage and command-line help menu
* Packaging for Debian (Wheezy+) on my own machine
* Automated building for Ubuntu (14.04+) on Launchpad
* Protection against memory leaks and buffer overflows
* Software is split to minimize installation footprint
* Use of CMake, which should help the port to Windows
* No RPATH hacks
* Support for release and debug builds
* Support for Clang and GCC; all warnings enabled for debug
* No reliance on OpenSSL (CVE-2016-6309, are you serious?!)
* Use of well-maintained libraries for networking and parsing
* Minimal dependencies: Botan, JsonCpp, libcurl, libmicrohttpd
* Non-native dependencies included as git submodules

At this point, I am interested in taking the next step and try to
integrate with the Tor Project infrastructure. I am looking for
information on the following:

1) How do I upload packages to deb.torproject.org?
2) How do I join Gitian to generate reproducible builds?
3) How do I set up an Onion Name System component in Trac so that I can
migrate bug tracking from Github to Trac?
4) How do I set up a repository on gitweb.torproject.org? I'm more
comfortable using Github, but there's no need to centralize git.

I have a LDAP account, which should help with some of these. I wasn't
able to find much useful documentation on these topics, so I would
appreciate some help. Also, if anyone has any experience with RPM
packaging, I would like to figure that out. I haven't had too much luck
with Alien.

As I approach a proper release, my overall goal is to improve the
maturity, trust, usability of the OnioNS software. Please let me know
how I can accomplish the above tasks.

Recent commits:

I've also updated


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