[tor-dev] Query regarding GSOC '16 - txtorcon

Akash Mishra akashm14 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 17:20:10 UTC 2016

Hi all,
I am Akash Mishra, an undergraduate from India and if given an 
opportunity, I would love to participate in GSOC with the TOR project.

This will be my first time contributing to an open source project.

I have been using python for all my college projects for over a year.
Due to my familiarity with python, I would like to work on txtorcon - 
Convert txtorcon to txaio - during the summers.
The requirements state that I should be very familiar with asynchronous 
programming and with one of twisted or asyncio.
I have only basic familiarity with asyncio - having explored it once 
after watching a pycon talk on it. But I am very enthusiastic to learn 
and bridge the skillgap that will be needed to complete the project.
I have already started with the krondo tutorials on twisted to gain 
familiarity with the twisted framework.

How should i get started with txtorcon project ?
Are there any minor issues that i can work on as of now ?

Akash Mishra
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