[tor-dev] Come work on Tor at Freedom of the Press Foundation!

Garrett Robinson garrett at freedom.press
Wed Mar 16 17:08:00 UTC 2016

Hello tor-devizens,

Freedom of the Press Foundation is hosting a Mozilla-Ford Open Web
Fellow for 2016. We have a lot of potential projects for our fellow to
work on, depending on their skill set, but we have our fingers crossed
for an applicant who is interested in working on Tor!

SecureDrop, our flagship project, depends heavily on Tor and Tor Hidden
Services to protect the communications of journalists and anonymous
sources. If we end up accepting such an applicant, we would like to have
them work with the Tor Project on issues that are pertinent to
SecureDrop, particularly Next Generation Hidden Services and the
proposed padding defenses for website fingerprinting attacks.

The deadline for applications is *March 20th* (this Sunday).

More info on our blog:

Apply: https://advocacy.mozilla.org/open-web-fellows/

Let me know if you have any questions! You can reply to this email on
the list, or email me directly.


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