[tor-dev] [GSOC16] Fingerprint Central - Status report n°1

Pierre Laperdrix pierre.laperdrix at irisa.fr
Fri Jun 3 17:11:51 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

Here is my first status report for my GSOC project.

1 - Here is the link to the GitHub repo of the project:
I have chosen the name "Fingerprint Central" for the project. I may
change it in the future but I'm pretty satisfied with it for the moment.
If someone has a great suggestion to replace it, don't hesitate to send
it to me! I have also included on the main page a checklist for anyone
to follow the progression of development.

2 - I took the time to build strong foundations for my project to
support both current and future features.
 * To support addition and removal of fingerprinting tests, I have added
a system that need two components:
- a definition file where one gives all the information related to the test
- the source code needed to execute the test
With this system, I can manage tests dynamically and I can give
information to the users on what is currently being run in the test suite.
* To support different types of fingerprints and browsers, I plan to
integrate a system to tag fingerprints. Instead of storing fingerprints
in specific databases, I found that a tag system is a flexible way to
deal with any changes and when statistics will be implemented, it will
be easier to get numbers on relevant categories thanks to tags.
Everything is explained in greater details in the "fingerprint" folder
of the repo in the Readme files. I'd love to have feedback on it to know
if I'm going in the right direction and if my project seems well structured.

3 - Everything that I'm planning to use is present in the Debian
repositories except for the PyMongo support of Flask. This means that it
may possible to use the Tor infrastructure to host the website. I'll see
when I get closer to a first stable version what could be possible on
that front.

What's next?
My focus for the next two weeks is mainly to add new tests (both
standard and specific to the Tor browser) and to add support of MongoDB.
I hope to have a page that collects fingerprints, stores them in Mongo
and calculate statistics on them.

That's it for me this week!
Have a great week-end everyone,

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