[tor-dev] [GSOC16] Fingerprint Central - Status report n°4

Pierre Laperdrix pierre.laperdrix at irisa.fr
Sat Jul 16 11:52:48 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

Here is my fourth status report for my GSOC project.

1 - The beta for FP Central is live!
You can visit it at this address: https://fpcentral.irisa.fr/
Don't hesitate to send us feedback so that we can improve the website to
make it the best we can! I'm already fixing and tweaking several things
on my end. Right now, I'm updating the website once a week so don't
hesitate to come back to see newly added features!

2 - I've added two statistics pages on the website. I'm still tweaking
how the data is being shown to the user but the goal is that anyone can
select the attributes they are interested in and get the distribution
for a given time period. I'm planning on adding new ways to visualize
and download data so that developers can easily get access to what they

My goal for the next two weeks is to improve the statistics page so that
it works well and add support of TBB versions. I'll also make sure that
only TBB fingerprints are stored in the database so that the current
stats are not polluted by other browsers.

Have a great week-end,

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