[tor-dev] Next version of the algorithm

Ola Bini obini at thoughtworks.com
Mon Feb 15 18:57:27 UTC 2016

Hi George,

Sorry I've been slow to answer and send more info - was spending all
day Saturday and Sunday, and this week I'll be in all day meetings.

Anyway, just to avoid confusion - After getting the algorithm to the
latest stage you saw below, we started work on implementing it to
simulate it. Iván and Tania have been working on that.

I also wrote it in draft form, so this:
Is completely rewritten more or less from scratch.

When it comes to receive new consensus, it is in the latest version of
the written proposal above.

The link Chelsea sent is a link to the original protocol, not the new

So to summarize where we are:

- We have fixed a bunch of issues in the existing guardsim code
- We have added a lot of simulation cases to the existing guardsim
- code
- We have implemented most of the original implementation in the
- guardsim code
- We are implementing the new algorithm, described in the spec above
- in the guardsim code, and expect that to be done today or tomorrow
- The spec above is polished enough, that if you agree we could send
- it to a wider distribution and get thoughts.
- We might be able to start implementing this in tor proper tomorrow
- or wednesday hopefully.

From now, the team will take over most communication.

 Ola Bini (https://olabini.se)

 "Yields falsehood when quined" yields falsehood when quined.
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