[tor-dev] Pluggable Transports v1 spec rewrite.

Brandon Wiley brandon at blanu.net
Thu Oct 29 15:04:24 UTC 2015

Excellent work on the rewrite. To summarize for those that do not have time
to read the whole document, it's the same spec, it's just been rewritten to
read more clearly. I think it's a great improvement over the previous

I have two suggestions:

Section 4, "Tor Configuration", I think should be moved into another
document and a reference should be added instead. While it's useful for
developers reading the PT spec to see how to configure their Tor nodes so
they can test their PTs, this information is going to be used mostly by
bridge operators. Bridge operators shouldn't have to go to the PT spec to
figure out how to configure their bridge. PT developers though will need to
configure a bridge anyway, so I think it's sensible to at the end of the PT
spec send them to the bridge configuration documentation and the PT
configuration section specifically.

Section 6 "Future Improvements" I think should be moved into a PT roadmap
document. There is a lot to discuss regarding future improvements. My list
for the most part does not overlap with this list. We could engage in
healthy debate over what should go in the future improvements section, but
this seems to me to be something better done when drafting a roadmap
document rather than in the spec. It would of course be useful to add a
reference to any roadmap documentation at the end of the spec.

On Thu, Oct 29, 2015 at 8:19 AM, Yawning Angel <yawning at schwanenlied.me>

> Hello all,
> In an attempt to make Pluggable Transports more accessible to other
> people, and to have a spec that is more applicable and useful to other
> projects that seek to use Pluggable Transports for circumvention, I have
> drafted a re-write of the spec.
> This is not intended to alter existing behavior, but instead make it
> clear that the whole "Pluggable Transports" thing isn't just for Tor.
> Unless people have serious objections, this will replace the existing
> PT spec, to serve as a stop-gap while the next revision of the PT spec
> (that does alter behavior) is being drafted/implemented.
> Regards,
> --
> Yawning Angel
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