[tor-dev] The future of GetTor

sajolida sajolida at pimienta.org
Sat Jun 20 08:18:25 UTC 2015

> On 16/06/15 05:15, intrigeri wrote:
>> You might be interested in the work that's happening there:
>> https://tails.boum.org/blueprint/bootstrapping/extension/
>> (I'm not directly involved in this, for more information ask
>> sajolida at pimienta.org.)
> This looks great, thanks for the link! I still haven't read it in depth,
> but a priori it seems that it's quite close to what we want to achieve
> (as one component of the distributor, at least).


Maybe an important difference here is that GetTor is a way to circumvent
censorship (if I understand correctly), while our extension works to
provide authentication only. I think it's a good idea to rely on browser
stores not to be censored in the same way as your website. But our
extension for example, is downloaded from the browser but then is
executed from a webpage on our website and relies on description files
provided by our website to verify downloads that are done one any of our
mirrors. In this scenario, both our website and our mirrors could be
easily blocked by someone who wants to block our downloads while not
blocking the browser store.

Still, if you think that you can reuse part of our extension we would be
very happy to work together with you to make this possible. We almost
finished specifying the extension and Giorgio Maone from NoScript has
started coding a first prototype.


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