[tor-dev] Relay Web Dashboard - Summer of Privacy

Cristobal clv at riseup.net
Thu Jul 30 19:38:14 UTC 2015


On 28/07/15 17:06, nusenu wrote:
> is this strictly a one dashboard for one tor daemon or will this also be
> usable to monitor multiple tor instances without running multiple
> dashboard instances in parallel?

It's being developed as one tor instance <-> one dashboard instance,
although it'd be a nice feature to include what you mention into
**future development**.

> Would that include data that is not available via the controlport,
> like exit/guard probability, (measured bw), cw and cw fraction
> (available via onionoo) or is that not something that you are planing
> to include?

This is still a matter of discussion. To mention some of the things I'd
consider to decide which info to include or not to include...

- Is this doable within SoP time schedule (if not, we could consider it
for further developments, like the one you mentioned before).
- Is there a reliable way of getting this info?
- Is this a priority for relay operators?
- etc.

A priori, including onionoo stats sounds doable and useful.

Thanks for reaching out with this!

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