[tor-dev] Feature freeze plans for Tor 0.2.7: Please read if you hack Tor!

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Tue Aug 25 05:41:14 UTC 2015

> On 22 Aug 2015, at 02:22, Fabio Pietrosanti (naif) - lists <lists at infosecurity.ch> wrote:
>> On 8/19/15 5:40 PM, Nick Mathewson wrote:
>> Hi, all!
>> Here's the schedule we worked out for the Tor 0.2.7 feature freeze.
>> (These are defaults, not promises.  We can make exceptions, but please
>> remember that delaying a freeze will delay release, and every day we
>> delay a release will delay all the _other_ features getting out into a
>> stable Tor. We've been aiming to speed up our release cycle, and this
>> represents the latest installment in that effort.)
> Are we considering, for that release, to include Tor2web mode and
> encrypted services to be built/compiled with the standard release of Tor
> (but with some very big-explicit-command-line to activate) ?
> As it would definitively help in the deployment of Tor2web

As far as I know, encrypted services / single onion services are at the proposal stage. As a major feature, it seems unlikely they'll be included in the next week or two. (Best to aim for 0.2.8.)

As far as Tor2Web being available in every Tor build via an explicit command-line option, is there a proposal or a ticket in Trac for that? I don't know what stage it's up to. (Again, it seems to be a major build change, and we're trying not to merge those right before the freeze. Another one for 0.2.8?)


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