[tor-dev] TSOP proposal

Alden Page pagea at allegheny.edu
Wed Apr 15 16:10:37 UTC 2015

Hey Remi,

It's great to see someone else interested in adversarial stylometry! I have
been working on a project quite similar to your proposal since January as
my undergraduate thesis. I am considering applying for TSoP in order to
fund the continued development of the project, but I think the mentor issue
is a strong indication that we should focus our efforts on something more
related to Tor. Since I have made considerable progress implementing the
tool you described, perhaps we should instead combine our efforts? Rachel
Greenstadt, whose work I am sure you are familiar with, also expressed
interest in collaboration when I announced this project in December.

You will find that I have implemented many of your proposed features in my
project on GitHub. Near-term work involves making the project easier to
install and implementing Writeprint feature set extractors. If you manage
to get it running (for now, you will have to install dependencies
manually), I would love to hear some feedback from you! Until then, see my

Contribute at: www.github.com/pagea/unstyle

A preliminary version of my thesis can be found below. I will provide a
more permanent URL on GitHub in the future.

Full disclosure: I am applying to TSoP this year, and I am still strongly
considering proposing the continued development of Unstyle, in addition to
a few other potential applications.

Alden Page
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