[tor-dev] Making and distributing custom TBB with a new "home-page"

Fabio Pietrosanti (naif) lists at infosecurity.ch
Sun Sep 21 15:32:57 UTC 2014

Il 9/21/14, 5:09 PM, Leif Ryge ha scritto:
> Waiting for comments before writing some quick specs
> If I remember correctly I heard some GlobaLeaks people discussing the idea of
> rebranding TBB a long time ago but eventually they concluded that it was
> generally undesirable for potential whistleblowers to have GlobaLeaks-specific
> bytes sitting around on their storage devices.
Yeah, in past we've been brainstorming making a customized TBB for
public uses.
But we concluded it was not a good idea.

Instead in that context of use it's:
- specifically for private use/distribution
- in a context where the download of TBB is anyhow filtered/censored
from torproject.org

so we must provide anyway a copy of the TBB binaries to the end-user, as
he cannot download it.

That means that we must anyway keep an updated mirror of TBB binaries
for 2 specific target language versions.

> Also, it seems like whatever private distribution mechanism you plan to use for
> a modified TBB could also be used just as well for a standard TBB, or Tails.
Using TBB "as it is" does require the end-user to make a copy/paste of
the .onion URL, because .onion are not mnemonic, and that step must be
done every time.

We made user-personae and use-case scenario simulation directly with the
relevant people dealing with end-users before coming to that conclusion.

That step (copy/pasting URL) has been considered a too complex step to
became acceptable, so the reason to deliver a customized TBB with a
custom home-page pointing directly to that Globaleaks site.

| Have you considered just distributing Tails USB sticks along with the .onion
address on a piece of paper?

We've considered it, but it was outside the logistically doable
opportunity, as far as i understood.

Sounds like the most "apparently obvious" solution for our community,
are not so easily applicable in that context of use by speaking with the

Fabio Pietrosanti (naif)
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