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Jacek Wielemborek d33tah at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 13:49:42 UTC 2014

W dniu 06.11.2014 o 14:36, harsh sangwan pisze:
> Sir / Madam,
> I am an undergraduate student. Recently, I've developed huge interest in
> Tor & thus would like to contribute to it by adding code to its projects.
> Problem is, I don't know much about contributing to open source & that's
> where I would like you to help me. I have expert skills in C/C++ & shell
> scripting.
> Can you please help me with these things ?
> 1. Finding me appropriate mentor & project given my technical skills.
> 2. Guiding me about the prerequisites I should fulfill before I can start
> contributing to Tor.
> Hope to see a good response.

Hello Harsh,

While others might give you more Tor-specific tips on how to start
working with the open source community, I'd like to invite you to take
advantage of the fact that you're a student and consider participating
in Google Summer of Code 2015. I took part in the program twice as a
student, cooperating with Nmap Security Scanner organization. There is a
lot of ways to describe GSoC, so let me explain it from my perspecitve:

If everything goes like in the last 10 years, somewhere at the end of
February (next year), there should be announced a list of organizations
accepted to Google Summer of Code 2015. Tor has been there ever since I
remember, so I would bet they will be there as well. About two weeks
later students may begin sending their project proposals, which will be
reviewed by the organization's managers. If you get accepted (which gets
announced a month later), you will be assigned a mentor and after a
month, you will code for 15 weeks. If your mentor accepts your work, you
will be assigned a stipend of 5000$ or more. I believe that this, along
with the feeling that you're professionally helping FLOSS movement
advance is a great motivator ;)

If you have any questions, feel invited to ask me these off-list, since
others might find this offtopic. I can point you to example projects
that were done in the previous years and other information that I have.


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