[tor-dev] Question to Java developers: what are good frameworks for Tor's server-side Java applications

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Sun May 25 08:07:42 UTC 2014

On 20/05/14 22:21, Noah Rahman wrote:
> Hi Karsten,
> A lot of people I respect seem to use Dropwizard for this sort of thing.
> https://dropwizard.github.io/dropwizard/
> As for deployment on Debian (dunno if it's in the standard Debian universe)
> https://groups.google.com/d/msg/dropwizard-user/gv4TDQbcHBc/LGJz0egMNWQJ
> Hope that helps

Hi Noah,

this is indeed very helpful!

I started looking at the libraries used by Dropwizard and couldn't
resist to try out the Metrics library which provides very useful
performance data.  In order to use it, I had to switch from Ant to Maven
which kept me busy for a while.  And at a later point, when reading more
about Dropwizard and alternatives, I found myself watching a Spring
tutorial.  And then I realized that I'll need an alternative for
fetching recent Tor directory data than rsync'ing a few hundred thousand
files from the metrics server.  Wow, where did all these wonderful yaks
come from, and who's going to shave them?!

tl;dr: thanks for the very valuable pointer! :)

All the best,

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