[tor-dev] How to distribute Tor with other software

Micah Lee micah at micahflee.com
Wed May 21 00:38:11 UTC 2014

I just wrote a little program called OnionShare, that makes it simple to
share a file securely using a password-protected Tor hidden service:

Right now it only runs in Tails. I'd like to make a versin that runs in
OSX and Windows, too. How can I make software for OSX and Windows that
relies on Tor like this, but without having to bundle Tor with it? I
would really like to not be in the business of distributing Tor myself.

When you run onionshare.py, it modifies /etc/tor/torrc and reloads the
Tor config, and when it's done it restores the original torrc and
reloads again.

I could require people to open Tor Browser and have it just use the Tor
that comes with that, except the fact that it needs to modify torrc
makes that complicated.

Micah Lee

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