[tor-dev] GSoc update #2 - Stegotorus security enhancement

Noah Rahman selimthegrim at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 02:04:25 UTC 2014

Hello tor-dev.

over the past two weeks I have

 - met with the team at SRI who have been developing further enhancements
to stegotorus separately from the codebase available on github. We
developed a plan to begin integrating the two codebases and to prepare it
for integration with tbb and gitian builds as well (isis will hopefully
advise us on the latter especially). To this end, I have established an
Asana workspace specifically to cover the tasks needed for smooth
integration (as opposed to the somewhat out of date individual tracs both
sides were keeping)

- implemented the Elligator handshake on a circuit level. I need to look
into implementing it on a connection level to add greater security, as well
as adding OCB encryption (does anyone know for sure whether this is in
OpenSSL now? I can't seem to find out)

- merged the config file code from SRI into our codebase. Multiple
passphrase support should be added.

- resolved nagging problems with our SWF Steganographic module
architecture; the lessons learned should be helpful when integrating SRI's
new JSON modulen.

I intend to continue further work on this in person over the next month as
well as at HOPE @ NYC in July, and a focused week in person with my mentor
there should greatly speed progress.

Noah R.
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