[tor-dev] GSoC Stegotorus update 1

Noah Rahman selimthegrim at gmail.com
Sat Jun 7 13:28:13 UTC 2014

- Progress so far

1) Fixed segfaulting refactored SWF steganographic code. Code now fails on
decompression but at least it's not segfaulting anymore. Suspected it was
due to how trace payload server is integrated and rest of problems should
be fixed by reimplementing pre decompression logic that was lost in
refactored-away SWF_receive code. Can then move on to JS

2) Added config file for options using inih library, still testing locally.

3) With Yawning' s help, began to replace Moeller handshake with
libelligator implementation. (#8089)

Goals for next update

1) Finish SWF refactoring and associated unit test, start on JS

2) Finish elligator handshake and write unit test for config file. Test
with ctgrind when I figure out how to patch valgrind properly.

3) Meet with Vinod at SRI and determine most expedient way of merging SRI
changes into Stegotorus build (meeting scheduled for next Friday the 13th)

Noah R.
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