[tor-dev] (Extra) roadmapping PT meeting this Friday (16:00UTC 11th of July 2014)

George Kadianakis desnacked at riseup.net
Tue Jul 8 13:03:43 UTC 2014

Hello friends,

the PT meeting last week was a bit quiet because it was conflicting
with the Tor dev meeting.

To compensate for that, we are thinking of throwing an extra PT
meeting this Friday. The agenda can be modified according to the
participants, but we are planning to spend some time writing down the
fictional roadmap designed during the dev meeting to a wiki page, so
that we can better plan PT development in the months ahead

If you are in a roadmapping mood, feel free to pass by and help.

As always, the meeting is going to occur at 16:00 UTC.  Place is the
#tor-dev IRC channel in the OFTC network.


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