[tor-dev] Help make the Tor stackexchange beta succeed

Roger Dingledine arma at mit.edu
Sat Sep 28 23:26:42 UTC 2013

Hello Tor developers and anonymity researchers,

Our Stackexchange beta is underway:
and we could use some more participation from actual Tor developers,
anonymity researchers, and so on.

The goals include a) building a good set of answers to questions around
Tor research and development, and b) growing a larger army of people
who know these answers and can answer more such questions.

If you can help out, please send me mail off-list, including what email
address I should tell them for you, and I'll hook you up.

Steven, Philipp, Jens, and I can't do it by ourselves. :)

(And as a carrot, if you sign up you can read my answer to "What are
the options to remove Mevade botnet from Tor?")


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