[tor-dev] torsocks: socksport isolate auth

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Fri Sep 6 23:00:55 UTC 2013

libtorsocks(): Need a password in torsocks.conf or
 $TORSOCKS_PASSWORD to authenticate with ...
 : Connection refused

To use default torsocks 1.3 you'll need to set socksport
 noisolatesocksauth or prefersocksnoauth
or perhaps configure a user:pass in torsocks beyond the
unset default, as hinted above.

Not sure if the latter socksport option will prevent isolation or
block torsocks again when later setting a user:pass in torsocks.

I think there may be a case for adding an environment/conf
to torsocks such that it will generate a random user:pass
per invocation (ie: parallel) thereby isolating each one. While
other unset invocations would ride as default over whichever

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