[tor-dev] Help me guague how full your plate is via regular check-in conversations

Phill Whiteside PhillW at PhillW.net
Wed Nov 20 23:47:38 UTC 2013

Hi Tom,

being the admin for groups is a thankless task! I've mentioned a couple of
times that the tor project does have availability of a spare VM with unique
IPv4 for testing on. This offer has never been taken up. I'm a tester, not
a coder, as I already run a relay I'm not sure what else I can do to assist
you good people.

My kindest regards,


On 29 October 2013 18:30, Tom Lowenthal <me at tomlowenthal.com> wrote:

> Hello fighters for freedom,
> When applying for grants, planning future work, and otherwise thinking
> about what capacity we have leftover to do things in the future, it's
> really useful to know who's doing what and how much of it. I get some
> of this information from our sponsor/project-specific meetings, but it
> doesn't seem to be the full picture, so I'd like to trot out that old
> chestnut of regular one-on-one chats.
> This means that I'd like to spend between thirty and sixty minutes
> talking with each of you, once every week or two. I'd like to
> calibrate the frequency so that we can get calls down to 30 minutes
> each, with room to kvetch and have a conversation that's a little more
> than just rattling off deliverable status and time assignments.
> I think that the right group for this is the folks who post to
> tor-reports. If you post to tor-reports, please get back to me by the
> end of the week with your availability for a regular weekly check-in,
> as well as any thoughts you have about medium, format, or anything
> else. If you're not currently on tor-reports and think you should
> check in, or vice versa, you should probably drop me a line too.
> Any questions or suggestions?
> -Tom
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