[tor-dev] recreated website png diagrams as svg

andrew at torproject.is andrew at torproject.is
Sun Nov 10 01:20:22 UTC 2013

On Sat, Nov 09, 2013 at 03:16:41AM -0700, jfindlay at gmail.com wrote 263K bytes in 0 lines about:
: which look as if they're copied from some EFF presentation.  I've
: recreated them as svg.  Svg being a fairly standard vector markup, I
: supposed that it would be more amenable to automatic string
: replacement than a png (I'm not sure what wml is).  Please look them
: over and give me feedback.  If they are ultimately found acceptable,
: you are welcome to use them for the site.  Thanks.

Thanks! These look great. 

They weren't copied from an EFF presentation, they were
made by the EFF for us. You can find the originals inside

I've added them to the site image directory for now.

pgp 0x6B4D6475

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