[tor-dev] Hidden services performance

Petter Solberg pettersolberg88 at gmail.com
Thu May 23 12:46:12 UTC 2013


We are two master thesis students at the Norwegian University of Science
and Technology (NTNU) which is looking into the performance of hidden
services. We have already set up 19 physical Linux servers connected by
gigabit Ethernet to be able to benchmark hidden services in a private tor
network. We have also some public servers that we plan to utilize (
https://atlas.torproject.org/#search/disasterTor ). This mail is to inform
you of our work and a request for ideas in where some bottlenecks are and
if someone have done some previous research before.

Without any modifications to Tor we have been able to have a throughput of
180Mb/s through a single hidden service.

If you have some Ideas or a comment. Please reply.


Petter Solberg (pettso AT stud.ntnu.no ) &  Bram Bezem ( bezem AT
stud.ntnu.mo )
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