[tor-dev] Move RecommendedTBBVersions from check.torproject.org to www.torproject.org

Micah Lee micahflee at riseup.net
Wed May 22 17:26:58 UTC 2013

I just opened a ticket for this:

Right now the way to check for the current TBB version is by loading

It would be really helpful if there were a way to check the current
version of TBB from a URL at https://www.torproject.org/. The main
website has a .onion address, and all of the Tor mirrors listed at
https://www.torproject.org/getinvolved/mirrors.html.en are mirrors of
the main site, not check.

So if you want to only use the hidden service or only use a mirror
(because *.torproject.org is blocked on your network), there's no way to
easily know the current recommended version.

Micah Lee

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