[tor-dev] Gitian-based Deterministic Build System for TBB (Need MacOS Help!)

Jeroen Massar jeroen at massar.ch
Wed May 15 08:59:22 UTC 2013

On 2013-05-15 08:49 , Mike Perry wrote:
> Over the past couple weeks I've been redoing the TBB build system to use
> Gitian to produce alpha TBBs using Tor Launcher instead of Vidalia. I
> have succeeded in producing deterministic, localized builds of TBB for
> Linux and Windows.
> This means that independent people all over the world can now easily
> produce their own bundles for these platforms fresh from sources, and
> have their bundles exactly match the bundles the Tor Project releases,
> down to the SHA256 hash.


> Unfortunately, at least one of those URLs say that to produce a
> cross-compiler, you need access to an OSX SDK. Since I do not have a Mac
> that is currently supported by recent OSX SDKs, and since we *really*
> want to be sure that the cross-compilers we produce use code from a
> fresh known-good SDK install, I won't be doing this. Please let me know
> if you'd like to help tackle this problem.

XCode is free-to-download/use fortunately, one can just not redistribute
it according to their terms....

See https://developer.apple.com/xcode/

I think you can get away with making a free/toss-away account for
downloading it.

At the moment it ends up at:

but that requires the cookies from the login, which does not even work
under Chrome, but does work in Safari (thus you might have luck with

It is a hefty 1.61 GiB download though as it contains everything in OSX
and IOS along with the full Xcode suite. Afaik there is no 'headers
only' package available.

The tutorials you provide all use OpenDarwin's cctools, which is a
modified/"improved" version of Apple's opensource cctools. Most of that
stuff is pretty outdated though, as OSX is at 10.8, not 10.5 from about
6 years ago. It seems though most people (reading what is being done on
the web ;) are using the flosoft stuff which is at least 10.6 and embeds
the OSX SDK.

Some other 'older' details on all of it can be found at:

which contains quite detailed version on downloading the SDK and getting
cross-compilers up and running.

Not a fun thing to do, as not a lot of people do it this way, the
typical way is to "just" (yes, ahum etc) have a OSX box somewhere
(physical as virtualization of them is also a lot of similar fun) and
then let Jenkins or similar SSH into it and compile it that way.


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