[tor-dev] Vidalia 2.0 - an complete rewrite

Leo Unglaub leo at leo-unglaub.net
Mon Mar 11 11:26:33 UTC 2013


On 2013-03-11 04:10, Damian Johnson wrote:
> Sweet! Always glad to hear that people find it to be useful.

yes, it is very usefull. There are just two issues that cause arm to 
crash if you resize the terminal during some events. It simply freezes 
arm. But thats a place for an issue report :)

> ... then simply extract it into the 'arm/src' directory.

I always followed your install assistant with failed and nevery tryed it 
manualy. I have to do that some time to check our all your functions.

> What kind of issues did you encounter in using stem remotely?

I think thats more of an logical problem than a technical issue. If i 
read your api documentation right you are using stem.socket for all the 
low level communications with tor. If i am on localhost a "simple" 
ControlSocket.ControlPort or a Control.Socket.ControlSocketFile is enought.

But i have no idea on how to tunnel that thru SSH. I think i have to use 
your send, recv, connect, close, ... methods directly. But sadly i was 
still unable of connecting to my virtual test server.

> We can always fail over to email if that works for you.

Thats nice, but i think i will catch you in the future in the IRC to. 
And if i published my code you will propobly see my problem very fast :)

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