[tor-dev] Draft of proposal "Migrate HS identity keys to Ed25519"

Qingping Hou dave2008713 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 31 18:50:19 UTC 2013

On 08/31/2013 09:28 AM, George Kadianakis wrote:
> We all know that Hidden Services need lots of attention. The crypto
> needs to improve (upgrade keys to other cryptosystems, fix hybrid
> encryption, etc.)  and the protocol needs to improve (make hidden
> services scale, oblivious transfer for HS descriptors, prevent DoS
> attacks, valet services, etc.).
> IMO, to properly fix Hidden Services someone needs to think of the big
> picture and write a "Next generation Hidden Services" paper/essay that
> proposes new protocols and addresses most of the known problems. Then,
> after we know how these new changes influence each other, we can start
> writing proposals and figuring out implementation and deployment
> strategies. Unfortunately, even though I know that some people are
> thinking about this, I'm not sure if we will see such a paper soon
> (within the next months).

FYI, we just started a project on improving hidden service protocol. I
am working on ticket #8510 so we can first set up tools to profile
hidden service traffic.

That said, we are probably not going to publish a paper within the next
months ;p


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