[tor-dev] txtorcon [GSoC 2013]

meejah meejah at meejah.ca
Tue Apr 16 15:18:22 UTC 2013

Anshul Singhle <anshul.singhle at gmail.com> writes:

> I'm a newbie at tor development though. Could someone point me to
> what is required for a good application for this project? Do I need
> to submit a patch to Tor? I have no experience working with
> stem. Could someone give me pointers on where to start?

Hi Anshul,

I would start with checking out the txtorcon code and examples. 


I would also familiarize yourself with Tor's control spec:


If you're going to poke in Tor's code, the control-spec or
configuration parsing code is probably the most useful. It would also
probably be useful to look at users of the Python control
libraries. For txtorcon right now that would be ooni, APAF or the new
Twisted re-write of torperf.

The main thrust of the project would be to replace as much of the
parsing code in txtorcon as possible with calls through to stem
instead. The more "deleted" lines the better! ;)

Additionally, optionally providing stem instances in txtorcon
callbacks would be a "nice to have". For example, currently the event
callbacks just give the user back the "rest of the line". I would
imagine some flag in TorControlProtocol which instead gives you back
the appropriate Stem object; an immediate user here would be Karsten's
re-written torperf stuff.

Atagar is best to help with the GSoC application stuff as I have not
mentored for GSoC before.


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