[tor-dev] torrouter development - Who is in charge?

adrelanos adrelanos at riseup.net
Wed Sep 12 15:55:50 UTC 2012

ficus at robocracy.org:

> I would like to contribute to the torouter (aka TorRouter, aka
> OnionBox?) project, with the intention of getting a "functional"
> development image for the DreamPlug hardware released in the next few
> weeks.


> The goals of the torouter project seem a bit vague (especially w/r/t a
> transparent torified WiFi access point), perhaps this is why development
> slowed down previously.

I fear this thread goes unanswered and someone willing to contribute
gets lost because of unresponsiveness.

Does torproject have a problem to reach decisions?

Who is in charge for the torrouter project?

I mean, ficus could create The Best Torrouter Image, but without any
review from torproject and without torproject calling the image official
and supporting it, barely anyone would know and use the image.

If he proposes a design and also implements it, torproject has to review
the design and implementation. Someone has to make a final say in this,
i.e. this,
- is a must have
- is a no go
- is a nice to have
- we don't care about but go ahead
- etc.

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