[tor-dev] Integration of Tor, Tor Browser, Tor IM, Tor Birdy, Vidalia, Tor Router, Tails, etc.

Mike Perry mikeperry at torproject.org
Mon Sep 10 20:46:54 UTC 2012

Thus spake adrelanos (adrelanos at riseup.net):

> The current [TBB launch] integration has a lot open issues and feature
> requests. [2]

Wow, even more than I thought! :)

> Because there might come a proposal [1] to solve this cleanly, I created
> an overview of all related open issues. [2] There are just so many
> issues I though it makes sense to create an overview so nothing gets
> forgotten. Feel free to edit/correct/expand the wiki site. Add your wishes.
> I cc'ed all effected people, if someone has been forgotten, feel free to
> forward this mail.
> Can we have this discussion on tor-dev?

I think so. Again, I think the path to max success for you here is to
make your own package/collection/tar.gz of launch scripts for different
scenarios. That way, you can experiment without getting bogged down by
design proposals and formalities for making the TBB itself usable.

It might be the case at first that it seems like you're being ignored.
Once you have stuff that works, or at least have some kind of plan, I
think people will listen/test stuff/make suggestions on tor-dev.  Any
earlier stages might want the wider input from the tor-talk crowd,

It's quite possible that Jake's "Zygote-process named-pipe Tor
coordinator" can just be an addition to all of this stuff at the end, as
a helper process for finding the right Tor socks port. It's also likely
that simple python (or even shell) prototypes will work just fine,
even if they only just guess at defaults and test them.

If you block on env var support in Torbutton, please let me know. Right
now I think you can make a lot of progress even as-is. I think #5611
should help you do more, but isn't strickly needed yet? Am I correct
> [1] https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/5611#comment:43
> [2] https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/TB

Mike Perry
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