[tor-dev] torrouter development

ficus at robocracy.org ficus at robocracy.org
Mon Sep 10 15:38:49 UTC 2012

Hello tor-dev!

I would like to contribute to the torouter (aka TorRouter, aka OnionBox?) 
project, with the intention of getting a "functional" development image 
for the DreamPlug hardware released in the next few weeks.

The goals of the torouter project seem a bit vague (especially w/r/t a 
transparent torified WiFi access point), perhaps this is why development 
slowed down previously. I will attempt a design document and 
specification, but mostly focus on making the core components (debian, 
tor, web interface) functional and configurable, such that they could be 
leveraged by others as solutions to specific use cases. Will this be 
useful to others?

It seems like the preferred collaboration tool is the trac wiki and 
tickets. Many of the torouter tickets seem stale and incomplete, and the 
roadmap on the trac wiki is very out of date. Unless there is advice i'll 
ignore those but continue discussion on tickets like #3854 (Summary of 
outstanding things with Torouter) and #3453 (Torouter desires and 


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