[tor-dev] The Tor Project is looking for a Pluggable Transport developer

Roger Dingledine arma at mit.edu
Fri Oct 5 07:49:17 UTC 2012

We have funding initially for part-time work, and hopefully it will grow
into full-time work. Please spread the word!

This job is for the development and maintenance of the flash proxy
circumvention system, with a focus on deployment and getting tools in
the hands of users:
If it goes well, we might have you branch out into improving usability
and deployability of other Tor pluggable transports.

Applicants must be familiar with Python, JavaScript, and web technologies,
particularly WebSocket. You will do usability testing and be in charge
of producing binary packages of client software for GNU/Linux, Windows,
and OS X. The system's supporting infrastructure is already in place,
but may require changes depending on the future development of the
client programs. There also is the potential for the development and
implementation of new covert rendezvous methods that may have broader
use outside the flash proxy system.

You will be assisted and mentored by David Fifield, the primary developer
of the flash proxy software and co-author of its research paper, and
all-around good guy.

See the job posting for information on how to apply and what you need
to send in with your application:


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