[tor-dev] Working on GUI

Jacob Appelbaum jacob at appelbaum.net
Tue Nov 6 23:34:53 UTC 2012

> Hi, I am new to this community.
> A group consists of 5 members from School of Informatics and
> Computing, working with Professor Jean Camp on a research paper.
> Our research is to carry out a case study after making changes in the
> UI of Tor Browser.

Hello and welcome!

The code is here:

You should be able to build the entire project for many platforms by
using that git repository.

The main starter program on Windows and other platforms is the "Start
Tor Browser" program - on Windows it is the RelativeLink Win32 C
program, OS X and GNU/Linux it is a shell script.

> Could anyone here, please provide a link to learn more about Tor UI
> to get started with the development activities.

There are two other components - the first is the actual Browser, which
we custom build from Firefox sources. The second is the Tor controller
Vidalia, which confuses users greatly as being Tor. It technically
launches Tor but it is not Tor per se. It is merely the controller of Tor.

Here's a few bugs I've opened about the UX concerns I've seen lately:


I've also cc'ed the two main Tor Browser developers.

> Also it would be of great help, if some related document are shared.

Please read this document:


> Please apologize me, if I posted my query to a wrong mailing list or
> my query sounds naive.

This is the right mailing list. Thank you for your interest in Tor Browser!

All the best,

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