[tor-dev] Tor for iOS via official channels

Lee Fisher blibbet at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 22:06:20 UTC 2012

 >> I was thinking about a GSoC 2012 project I could propose, and I came
 >> to the question of why there's no Tor iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod
 >> touch) application distributed on the official iTunes App Store?
 > People have tried in the past and been rejected for being a
 > 'proxy/circumvention tool'.

A Mac game developer friend suggested two indirect methods to use the 
Apple market while avoiding market rejections, that might help:

1) Use Test Flight, with Tor Project as an enterprise, using this tool 
to deliver to their testers.

2) Instead of general public market, use enterprise market, with Tor 
Project as an enterprise, with non-employee volunteer users. Supposedly, 
no rejections for enterprise-private apps.

Both solutions would probably have to have Tor Project corp to setup an 
enterprise where mac users would be volunteers or testers, so zero 
anonynimity for obtaining the software. Instead of Tor, maybe EFF or 
another privacy-centered group could be enterprise, esp. if it has 
existing membership infrastructure.

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