[tor-dev] introduction and progress toward an interactive version of a Tor metrics website

Walter Kim wltr.km at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 02:35:47 UTC 2012

Hi Karsten, Arturo, and others,

Sorry for being out of touch for a couple weeks; I had some day job deadlines.

I've added more data (bandwidth, users) to site I'm working on:
And set the default time frame to be the last 3 months.

I have on my list to do the following:
1. Buttons to zoom in/out and pan forward/backwards in time.
2. Add GitHub repo link for code and issues.
3. Deal with making the UI for accessing countries better (e.g. show
the top countries and a drop down menu for the rest).
4. Get the performance data up.
5. Make the UI labels on the right for showing different graphs easier
to read when the selected/colored.
6. Make the graph line continue with the previous value if the data
value is null.

Please do submit issues to the GitHub repo page:
for another other things I should add/fix.

Arturo, the Atlas site looks really nice.  Perhaps once I get all the
basic functionality into the site I'm working on, there could be some
merging of efforts.  I could try to match the Atlas style as well.


> I'm also cc'ing Arturo who wrote Atlas.  Atlas shows information on
> currently running relays.  That website has graphs on a relay's
> bandwidth usage over time.  It's fed with Tor metrics data, too, so I
> could imagine that sharing code or even just ideas for visualizing that
> data might be beneficial.  Here's an example of graphs in Atlas:
> http://atlas.torproject.org/#details/F2044413DAC2E02E3D6BCF4735A19BCA1DE97281
> Thanks!
> Karsten

Walter Kim, Ph.D.
Mathematician and Engineering Contractor, San Francisco
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