[tor-dev] introduction and progress toward an interactive version of a Tor metrics website

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon Jul 16 09:22:11 UTC 2012

Hi Walter,

On 7/5/12 6:21 PM, Walter Kim wrote:

Oops, your mail got lost somewhere between the Florence trip and
recovering from it.  Sorry for the late reply.

> I'm a mathematician/coder/visualization person living in San Francisco.
> I've been in contact with Karsten Loesing about making more
> interactive graphs for the tor metrics website.  I've made some
> progress which can be viewed here:
> http://tigerpa.ws/tor_metrics/

Thanks for announcing your work here.  As I said before, these graphs
are really cool!  Great work!

I just added a link to the metrics start page and to the network page.
I'd really love to replace the current metrics graphs with yours once
they're ready.

> You can select a region in the bottom graph to set the time domain of
> the top graph.  You can click on the buttons on the right to add lines
> to the graph.

I wonder, can you somehow add navigation buttons to zoom in and out and
move forward/backward in time?  The default view could show the last
three months (similar to how the current metrics graphs are implemented)
and then the user could tweak the graph to their needs.

> It's still a work in progress, so there are still bugs and I've open
> to suggestions on making it better.  Currently it only shows graphs
> for network/relays data.  I'm planning on adding the ability to view
> graphs for all the other data on the current tor metrics site.
> The code lives here:
> https://github.com/tigerpaws/tor_metrics

Can you add the GitHub link to a footer in your graphs page, maybe
including a direct link to the issues page?  I hope that you'll get more
feedback if people can easily file a bug or feature request.

I'm also cc'ing Arturo who wrote Atlas.  Atlas shows information on
currently running relays.  That website has graphs on a relay's
bandwidth usage over time.  It's fed with Tor metrics data, too, so I
could imagine that sharing code or even just ideas for visualizing that
data might be beneficial.  Here's an example of graphs in Atlas:



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