[tor-dev] GSoC Status Update - Testing and Transports

Damian Johnson atagar at torproject.org
Tue Jul 24 15:14:29 UTC 2012

Sending this on behalf of Brandon since tor-dev@ is bouncing his emails.


The last two weeks were spent getting the code in better shape, fixing
bugs and streamlining so that I could get to the point that I could
actually write some transports. Now it’s transport implementation
time. I’ve written a Dust transport, using the most barebones version
of Dust, which is basically just an ECDH handshake and Skein
encryption. I’ll be adding the rest of Dust over time. This barebones
Dust implementation was really just to lay the foundation to start
working on obfs3 and then obfs2. It was easier to start with Dust
because I already have the code and it works. Next I’m bringing in an
AES implementation for obfs3 and obfs2 to use.

The schedule has changed somewhat in that I an now going to be
focusing on obfs2 and obfs3 as the main protocols. This is going to be
easier because they both follow the pattern of a handshake followed by
encrypted bytes. Both full Dust support and flash proxy were going to
require a more complicated API that should probably wait until the
basic API is working.

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