[tor-dev] [GSoc] [Stegotorus] Progress report

vmon vmonmoonshine at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 13:58:02 UTC 2012

Hello everybody,

Quick update on the progress of apache payload class for stegotorus:

  - https://github.com/vmon/payload_scraper/ is working now, checking
    apache document root dir, find all files usable as payload, compute
    their capacity and store them in a database. For now, I'm using the
    database in Stegotorus, but later the whole code is going to be part 
    of Stegotorus and Stegotorus runs it periodically to keep the
    database updated.

  - I've written the basic functionality of apache_payload_server class,
    i.e. get_payload function (and anything else it needs to work). In
    theory, we should be able to call apache_payload_server::get_payload
    instead of get_payload, and Stegotorus would request the payload
    from apache (or as a matter of fact, any http server running on
    localhost). In practice, it still has compiling error which I'm
    working on and I expect them to be solved today. 

  - I'm meeting Zack tomorrow to move my codes to his repo, so we have a
    unified repo from now on. Hopefully, I'll push the
    apache_payload_server on the new repo. 
  - Afterward, I'm going to incorporate the infranet code
    http://nms.csail.mit.edu/infranet/ into the apache_payload_server to
    improve the quality of the steg.

That is for now.


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